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Author Topic: Home Awesomation - My Setup  (Read 2682 times)


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Home Awesomation - My Setup
« on: November 18, 2012, 01:25:46 AM »

Hey all. New user here, pretty new to HA in general, started at the beginning of the summer. All I wanted to do was be able to turn on my fireplace from a remote using something expandable, as opposed to a traditional gas fireplace remote. A season or so later and I have 24 lights being controlled, my thermostat, fireplace, 12 motion sensors and some other neat ideas along the way. Went a little over board perhaps but got some great 'box full of various modules' deals on ebay and kijiji.

I'd appreciate opinions of what I got going so far. Check out my blog or just my youtube channel, I'll be posting more videos soon.

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