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Author Topic: Help with Alarm  (Read 748 times)


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Help with Alarm
« on: December 18, 2012, 11:23:57 PM »

For some reason, my computer doesn't sound the alarm when it detects motion.

I have the setting to sound alarm but i doesn't do it anymore.. it has only once today.

I been working with figuring this out all day.. i ve gone as far as put my computer back to the factory settings and reinstall everything.

The preset position works on alarm.. the little red icon on the interface flashes for the the 1 minute but no audio.

I ve checked to make sure i get sound from other website and nothing is wrong with my sound .. it works.

any clues.


I found out that ( i tired on 2 computers ) if you have the camera ARMED for motion/sound hijacks your sound card..i assume .. since i can't hear any sound from other websites if i open another window and use YOUTUBE.

If you start a YOUTUBE video and next  run your camera WebUI .. the YOUTUBE sound will stop even though the video will continue playing without sound.
if you do the reverse..YOUTUBE video will play with no sound.

It seems if you want to arm your camera and watch a movie on your computer you won't have sound.
Can any one duplicate my problem?
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