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When I hit the My house on line software; my house status, I get the following "Awaiting 924 to reconnect". There is the option for exclusive access and non exclusive access. I choose "exclusive access". When I try to connect, I get a "cannot conect to my house service" then I get a "Verify my house plug-in registration". I do show that I am registered when I check the "show featured plug-ins". The software then goes into a "Disconnect from my house service" The software then trys to reconnect and I go into a loop...I don't know what gives? I have contacted X10 and they referred me to an upper level tech. So, far that tech has not contacted me; it's been over three weeks. Anyone can help?

The issue is, and always has been the Myhouse online x10server. B:(
You might want to look at some of the third party software section something there may suit your needs until X10 gets the server issue fixed.


--- Quote from: Tuicemen on December 23, 2012, 02:39:31 PM ---something there may suit your needs until X10 gets the server issue fixed.

--- End quote ---
And the odds of x10 fixing anything in their software or servers is probably slim and none!    :(   There are multiple posts elsewhere in the forum mentioning that x10 has few or no programmers left on staff.  No programmers = no fixes!  Definitely look elsewhere, and don't plan on any x10 fixes ever!



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