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Vary Lights On/Off Schedule


I currently use timers to turn on/off the lights in my living room.   They give me options macros don't.  But, as the timers tell them to, they come on in the same order daily.  What I am looking for is, a program that will turn them on in a random order every day,  IE: Today..Lamp 1 then 2 then 3, etc come on at the designated time.  Tomorrow,  maybe 5,1, 3, etc.  In other words, a different sequence daily.  Is this even possible without writting a lot of timers?  Thanks to everyone who responds.  Your inputs are always appreciated.

Take a look at Ihouse it is free ware that can be found at www.Ihousehomeautomation.com  it has a very powerful macro language and it will definately meet your needs and probably exceed them.  I currently do exactly what  you want ot do with a few simple Ihouse macros.

Hope this helps   

 >!  Ken


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