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Author Topic: Airsight XX36A and vitamin D software - need help  (Read 3130 times)


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Airsight XX36A and vitamin D software - need help
« on: February 04, 2013, 03:45:22 PM »

Does anyone know the string to use after the IP address to enable the stream for the XX36A to be viewable by vitamin D?

If you select Other IP camera instead of your camera model, you can enter a custom URL to access the video stream of your camera.

    The URL consists of the IP address and a custom string of text. For cameras in the camera type list, this string is appended for you (and therefore not shown). For example, if you select the D-Link 920 and enter the IP address, the actual URL used is In addition, if the device appears in the list on the previous screen, that means the IP address is known, so you don't have to enter it. (It is displayed for your convenience, however.)
    To find this string, you can enter the camera model's name, "url" and "mjpeg" or "mpeg4" in a search engine.
    Advanced tip: Network cameras often have multiple URL strings which allows them to access different types of video streams. For example, a given camera might support streaming video using MJPEG compression and MPEG4 compression. MPEG4 generally takes less bandwidth than MJPEG, but the MPEG4 streams for certain cameras have been found to generate video playback issues. This is because MPEG4 keeps one out of every several frames and programmatically fills in the frames in between. MJPEG, on the other hand, keeps and compresses every frame, which is less efficient but sometimes more reliable than MPEG4.
    If you have changed the port assignment of your camera, enter the new port number in the Port box. This is most likely if you have set up "port forwarding" or advanced network management. If not, leave this box blank (the default value is 80).

    AIRSIGHT xx36A model
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