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Updated firmware for Windows 8 / IE10

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How are you using your iphone to view your x39 ?

I REALIZE that you can go to ANY browser and click the "mobile" check box on the web camera web portal. But when you have 10 cameras, why would you want to go to each one clicking that damn check box on your iphone as as small as the screen is to see each camera ? I wanted something with multi view and something you can just open with one click for the owner. .

I needed something straight forward for the owner. The tech at X10 months ago gave me a GREAT suggestion to use IP CAM VIEWER and it is FANTASTIC ! He says it is the only third party app that supports the cameras so that all 4 cameras appear in one screen.

now, I want to know. WHY doesn't IRIS and FOCUS work on these cameras ?????????????

pkspx, Let me give you a tip.  I have 5 airsight cameras two outside and three inside. I use Blue Iris.  #:) You don't have to have the app up and running to get recordings. It runs as a service. Plus the smart Phone app is great.

Does any one have a copy of the XX34A and/or the XX40A patch/firmware for Windows 8 / IE10... The link on the X10 site no longer works. 

I have Windows 8 and IE 10, therefore my XC36A & XC40A cameras do no work / connect.... 


I also need the latest firmware link for the XC38A fix outdoor camera.

Anyone know if this camera be compatible with something else like Foscam ?

WE are finally setting up our XX41A camera and cannot use it at all in WIFI mode - mandatory - it needs to be in the barn to monitor mares foaling - Soon!
Software will not work on my windows 8 IE11 camera. No menu service at all for setting up WIFI. WIFI is a secure network.
Your software links are not valid for this camera for Windows 8 IE10. I tried multiple times.
ANY appropriate help would be greatly appreciated. First mare could go any day.


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