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Updated firmware for Windows 8 / IE10

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Brian H:
The firmware files links don't work. Because X10 Wireless Technologies went out of business and the new owners of the X10 brand name. Are having problems trying to get the servers back running.

Hopefully someone has the files and can provide them for other users.

How do I update the firmware on my XX34A or XX41A Camera?

To get the firmware files, please email support@x10.com. In that email, let us know your order number, which camera you want firmware for, what problem you are having, what other steps you have taken to resolve this issue, and why you think a firmware update will resolve your problem. Once we receive this email, we will send your firmware out as an attachment(s) to our reply to your email.

If you get this firmware please let me know. I would like you to email it to me.  I could not get it

I'll see if the files can be recovered from the old servers and let you know.
Perhaps someone still has these backed up some where.

The reason X10 never posted the firmware revisions is the older IP legacy cameras were not coded to prevent you from upgrading to the wrong model or version, which if done, renders them useless – and did not offer a way to telnet to them to flash the ROM to fix them if that did happen.
they wanted to be sure of your FW/WUI versions before sending updates to ensure the correct ones are sent.
In this case the camera versions should begin with: FW: 17.35.2.XXX and WUI: 20.8.3.XXX – and because they are easy to screw up by updating incorrectly you may not wish to update
The updates were only released to update the camera’s ActiveX for use with IE11.
I do have the files but was asked not to post them in the forum to protect users from damaging thier cameras if you still wish these PM me and I'll send them out.
However if they screw up your camera there is no way to repair or revert.


Is there any updated firmware and webui files for the xx40a? >*< With windows 10 etc I can't set anything in them anymore. Or is there another brands update that I can use? Also I think my other camera is an xx34 xx39? Files?  They've been working fine so far other than being able to change the settings.


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