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Why are you using IP Cameras?


With the popularity of IP cameras increasing and the price dropping I'm left wondering. ::) :'
I myself still use the old style x10 cameras and equivalents but I've started to add IP cams to my remote Log home.
I've not compared the power consumption but I'm fairly certain the IP cams will in the end win out as fewer items need to be powered.
Something that is a concern for me with the off grid cottage.
Just not having to have a PC running there 24/7 is a real bonus.

I'm curious...what do you mean by "fewer items need to be powered."  Are three cameras that don't need power to operate?

Yes if you have three cameras all three need power.
However the old style wireless required a receiver plugged in to view them, an IP camera doesn't need this.
Another bonus is some of these cameras only use 5 volts verses 12 and 9 for the reciever



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