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Author Topic: AirSight X10 IP Wireless NetWork Cameras Model XC38A  (Read 6468 times)


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AirSight X10 IP Wireless NetWork Cameras Model XC38A
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:18:30 PM »

I just purchased a new home with already installed 4 XC38A X10 IP cameras.  Im trying to get operational for remote surveillance on my IPhone 5.

I repowered each camera and direct Ethernet wired to my router.  I downloaded the only app I could find called Legacy. When I went to add the cameras I was asked to select the type of network:  H.264, MJPEG or P2P.  When I selected MJPEG it found the cameras.  I was moving along pretty good.  When I selected one of the cameras, I was led to a page with the device name;  UID P2P:  (filled in as "non-P2P Mode); User name and password were blank.

I was told to hold the reset button on the back of the camera for 15 secs and it would go back to factory default to rest the user/pw which I have.  One there was no reset on the back of the camera.  But, I was wondering if the reset button was the one on the cable line running along the power cord for about 5-10'.  Anyway, I assumed that little white button was the reset and tried it.  Nothing. 

So, Im lost as to how I should proceed. IP cameras are new territory for me.  X10 does not provide tech support for these camera anymore. Im interested in a step-by-step setup from hear and any 3rd party software I can download than might be better than Legacy.  Finally and interesting enough, somehow the cameras loaded onto the Legacy device video menu, (this occurred after I tried to reset one of the cameras with that little whit button on the cable cord), and I thought I may have stumbled thru this.  When I select any of the cameras, the picture will not load.  My network state starts out stating "initialization ok" then goes to "timeout"....FPS and Net Speed state "0" and Video Info is blank.

I appreciate any help from you X10 experts.



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Re: AirSight X10 IP Wireless NetWork Cameras Model XC38A
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2014, 03:29:35 PM »

There are several softwares capable of viewing x10 IP cameras if that's all you wish to do with them.
Checking the x10 wiki I didn't find the xc38a listed as a x10 IP camera so that may not be of any help but do check it out.
 In any case as it sounds like all your cameras aren't the same anyways if they were the reset buttons would be in the same locations.
If you go to the X10 site and look up the IP cameras you can find the IP tool and manuals which will help with setup.
these are for the newer models but much of the info is the same.
the IP tool software will work with any of the IP cameras.
X10 Also has a viewing software for the IP cameras however there currently isn't a link to it on the software page which I'll see about getting corrected.

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Re: AirSight X10 IP Wireless NetWork Cameras Model XC38A
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2014, 03:32:38 PM »

You may want to read this thread.
Seems the XC38A was sold as a XX36 Normal lens and XX42 Wide Angle lens.

Both models are on this X10 Wiki page.
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