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I had to go from XP to Win7. Had the original ActiveHome, so bought a CM15 interface to get the USB cable. Now the computer won't recognize my original 1.3 disk or my 1.4 update. I need help, but not very computer savvy! Miss my X10!

Brian H:
Active Home only works with the CM11A Serial Port Interface.
There is a link on the Active Home page of the X10 wiki. For Active Home VISTA. I believe it also worked with the CM15A as it is not the original Active Home Program. Though I have no experience with it.

The CM15A has to be used with Active Home Pro. So your original Active Home Disks would not be used.

There are a few threads here on installing Active Home Pro. As X10 Wireless Technologies went bankrupt and the new owners don't have the registration servers running yet. There are work arounds for the registration issues.

I went to the thread to download the ActiveHome Pro and it worked. Tested my CM15 interface and told me it was working properly. Turned my light on and off with the first screen, but then stopped working. The timer didn't turn it on or off either. I tried the remote (with new batteries) and it doesn't work either.

Brian H:
Did you download Active Home VISTA or the unregistered copy of Active Home Pro?
If you are trying Active Home VISTA. I have no experience with it but I am sure others may have added information for you.

There are some threads on Tuicemen's Forums and here on getting Active Home Pro to run with out the registration process.

I used the unregistered copy of Active Home Pro. The window keeps coming up to register and I just keep closing it. Is there a work around for that? For the past 2 nights I have been watching the 10 o'clock news and at 10:15 my lamp goes off. I was SO excited. However, it still won't come on and my remote just won't work. I must be doing something wrong. Is it possible that the HR12A remote won't work with the new interface?


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