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PAM01 appliance module - disable local control sensing current

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This modification is for a PAM01 appliance module (possibly also PAM02, AM486, and AM466) made in or around 2010.  It prevents the appliance module from supplying sensing current for local control to the load connected to its outlet.  This prevents the module from errantly switching on due to back EMF from an inductive load connected to it.  It also prevents the module from supplying most current to the load, which may alleviate the need to connect a bleeder resistor or night light in parallel with the load to prevent lights from glowing when the module is off.

Even with this modification, a small amount of current is still passed through the load to determine whether the latching relay is in the open or closed position.  This leakage is still just barely enough to light a connected LED rope light.

On the circuit board inside the appliance module, cut either lead on resistor R4, located near the hot side of the load socket.  See the ridiculously blurry photo, attached.  Separate the lead from the resistor and wrap both with electrical tape.  If the component placement on the board does not look identical to the photo or the resistor is labeled R14 or anything other than R4, then this is a different design; do not attempt.

Brian H:
Thank you for the information.
I still have a PAM01 in my storage box. I will see if mine matches your photo.

One more note:  This circuit board in the photo may look kind of odd since it has no power prongs or sockets.  It is indeed a PAM01 but is one I have modified to be wired as an inline module rather than a plug-in module, so just disregard those wires where the connection hardware should be!


--- Quote from: Brian H on March 24, 2015, 03:16:46 PM ---I will see if mine matches your photo.

--- End quote ---

I am sure that there are both newer and older versions of the PAM01 that are different.  Unfortunately, I do not have handy a range of date codes to which this mod applies (nor do I quite understand how to decode those date codes).

+1 from me. I tried to give you +2, as you posted on two different modules, but the forum blocked me.  #:)


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