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I was wondering if this is even possible with the X10 products at disposal, though I looked around the web for a bit to no avail.

What I like to see is an X10 Appliance Module capable of having a timer to be set on it so that it can automatically go off on its own. preferably such as a 5, 30, 60 min markers.

The need I personally have for it is because the home I live at has a tank-less water heater, and a pump next to it so that the water in the house can cycle through the heater, and bam instant hot water at the fosset when turned on instead of waiting for the cold water to be flushed out for the heated water. For now we have a X10 AM486 Appliance Module attached to the pump controlled by the palm-pad remote. this works well, until someone forgets to turn the X10 Appliance Module off, thus leading to wasted propane.

and  a question: Would the phone app for X10 products have a feature to set a count down timer for a particular module?

thanks for reading!

dave w:
This is a "the glass is half empty" comment.
I doubt X10/Authinx will budget development costs for such a product. The product cost to the consumer probably will not be much less than the cost of a CM15A controller and AHP software, which is available right now.  Plus the purchase of the CM15A and AHP would spur consumer purchase of more X10 modules and switches, where a X10 "auto shut off appliance module" likely would not.

If you have a small PC that you can leave running 24/7 and the products Dave mentioned you can create a timer to auto turn off any module.

Once X10/Authinx has their Wi-Fi module in full production this should be capable of doing what you want.
I'm hoping to get a status update on this module later this week. ;)

dave w:

--- Quote from: Tuicemen on April 20, 2015, 03:16:19 PM ---I'm hoping to get a status update on this module later this week.

--- End quote ---
If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound of sucking in breath and holding it. I am really excited about the WiFi module. If X10 has a waiting list like the Apple watch, please add my name to the list. ;)

 rofl I'm sure many are looking forward to this.


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