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Author Topic: XC38A cameras but Airsight software not working anymore  (Read 1643 times)


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XC38A cameras but Airsight software not working anymore
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:09:59 AM »

I have had these cameras for about a year or more.  I had them working at one time, been over 6 months or more...but then (I heard) went away. B:(

I am now actively trying to set these up again and I'm not sure what software to use?  I would like to avoid a monthly charges but might be willing if the benefits are good enough.

These 2 cameras are mainly for remote monitoring of a home 3 hours away.  There is local WIFI (home DSL modem) available.  No local PC setup.

What I would like:
1. Remotely access cameras to view property during storms etc...
2. Remotely record while connected to cameras.
        a. With previous config I could auto-record (while connected) when motion was sensed. (not critical but a plus)

Is there software I can get?
If I have issues getting these working is there help out there?  Probably most trouble will be setting up DSL modem.  Have to verify local modem type etc...

I am "fairly" good at setting up some network configurations but not an expert.  I may be willing to compensate somebody for some help if I run into roadblocks.

If I can't get these going I plan to just replace them with some other brand that has longer track record.


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