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Best GU10 LED lamps which work LD11 dimmers

GU10 Lamps

Author Topic: GU10 LED Lamps for LD11 Haibrain Marmitek DIN Rail Dimmer UK  (Read 1084 times)


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I live in the UK. I have a house setup of several Marmitek LD11 dimmers using MR16 lamps. I want start to converting these to GU10 LEDs.

My various LD11s supply between 6 to 14 lamps.

So would appreciate an update and your advice and thoughts on suitable GU10 LED Lamps, given this is changing all the time.

And any other general experience of using GU10 LEDs on LD11.

I appreciate that this may have been asked before but the lamps are changing all the time.

Many thanks in advance!
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