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Yes this thing is finally coming  :)%
Am I done teasing yet ? rofl

Hope is there will be a small initial shipment of these available by Christmas.
I've approached the Authinx owner about a forum user promotion deal and he loves the Idea.
Final costs are still being worked out but it looks like a promo code will be available for forum users.
This Promo deal will most likely only be for the initial shipment but maybe I can convince them to extend it. ::) :' ;)
I'll post more details here once I have them.
For now if your interested in securing one of these just post to this thread "Count me in".
Initial shipment may be as low as 100 so act fast. ;)

Count Me In!

Count me in also!

HA Dave:
I am interested. Count me in.

Count me in!  :)


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