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Author Topic: Camera's "Computer" software issue  (Read 4094 times)


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Camera's "Computer" software issue
« on: December 29, 2015, 08:18:34 PM »

I have the following camera's; (3) xx59a - (3) xx52a - (2) xx60a.  I have NO problems connecting them to my router and using my cell phone.  They work great with the cell phone.
My problem is the "computer" software.
I am running a desktop with Windows 7 Professional, with a Linksys router EA8500.
After downloading the software, all the camera's work great, while hardwired, with the ehternet cable.
However, after changing them to wireless in settings, I am unable to load the software page in either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.  (I get the dreaded "timed out" or page could not load).
Also, I have several other devices running in wireless mode, with no problems, ie: IPad, Laptop, printer etc...
I have loaded the OCX program and changed the Active X settings in IE.
I have changed my router's SSID to a simple name, no special characters.
I have tried to use a static IP address, same issue, after changing to wireless mode.

Again, after changing the settings in the computer software program to "wirelessly", then letting the camera reboot, I unplug the power cord, then the ethernet cord, then plug the power cord back in.
At this point, the SearchIPCam, finds the camera, however when clicking on the camera, the page does not load, in neither Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Also, if someone can tell me how to post a picutre, i will be glad to show you screen shots in both IE and Firefox.

Any suggestions?
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