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I'm afraid there has been minimal progress on the hardware side. I have several medical appointments over the next 6 weeks. Hopefully, I can spend more time on this once those are out of the way.

There has, however, been a very encouraging development on the firmware side. Anywhere Software (Basic4Android, Basic4iOS, Basic4Java) has recently released Basic4Arduino (B4R) a freeware package that supports Arduino and with ESP8266 support under active development. They have a tutorial for the HC-05 Bluetooth module as well. It's almost like they were looking over my shoulder at the list of devices I plan to support for the CM15A2Z.

Anyway, it means we can open things up so that anyone who wishes can create their own firmware using B4R and it means the CM15A2Z can be upgraded in the field. Plus, it will simplify support should I become totally incapacitated. I'll be able to release my B4R code as open source and I won't need to install the ZBasic bootloader on each CM15A2Z which further simplifies things.


This (Anywhere Software) is awesome!
The cm15a2z will be unbeatable!


--- Quote from: Tuicemen on May 20, 2016, 08:00:10 AM ---This (Anywhere Software) is awesome!

--- End quote ---
I agree - I've had a B4A (Basic4Android) license since they first started.

Blumoo looks like it might be a viable controller option. I've asked them if there's a way to import CCF files.
I think it is cloud based, however.


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