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X10-Addressable DC Power Adapters


HA Man:
Since I've been discussing in the Modifications forum ways to emulate this functionality, I guess I may as well add it to the Product Wish List.   ;)

The Wish is for X10-addressable DC Power Adapters having the functionality of the former XCam power adapters (XM13A, XM16A, XM17A, etc.).  The only changes from the former XM series of products that I'd like to see are these:

* Higher DC current capacity - upwards of 500mA
* Regulated output - probably 12Vdc would be most generally useful
* Use of the more standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel connectors (instead of the smaller ones)
* Slimline package - allowing multiple adapters to fit side-by-side into standard-spaced AC outlets and power strips
* On/Off switch for the "exclusivity" function - that is, where modules within a four-Unit-Code group coordinate so that no more than one of them can be on at any given time.  The switch would allow the individual module to be set to operate in either "exclusive" or "non-exclusive" mode.


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