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Cloudless, PC-less, PLC-less timer

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Even more features...

I have one very similar to the Honeywell (possibly identical).  It was working fine, but I replaced it with a cloudless, PC-less, PLC-less, RPi based timer.   ;)

HA Dave:
Back in the 80's I lived alone, worked long hours, and traveled a bit. I had a clock-motor timer That turned a light on. It made it look like I was home when I was away... and was OK to have on when I was home. I remember my parents used the same type of device and process when they went on trips.

I have an outdoor device that turns on at dusk (light levels) and shuts off at variable time later, (including dawn). I use it for some summer decorative outdoor lights.   


--- Quote from: HA Dave on July 13, 2016, 10:23:26 PM ---I had a clock-motor timer...

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For many years I drove Mercedes diesels which were reluctant to start in cold weather. I used a similar motorized timer to turn on a block heater an hour or so before I left in the morning.

HA Dave:

--- Quote from: dhouston on July 14, 2016, 07:04:52 AM ---..... I used a similar motorized timer
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IMHO... if it works it works. I've never thought automation had to be of a certain brand or flavor. Or of a certain level of technology either. I am all for mix-N-match. I want ALL the advantages! From clock motors.... to whatever latest-greatest app gizmo gives me the most.

I think my systems limitations... come from my own imagination.


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