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Has anyone purchased any of the new xx52a cameras?  I have 8 of the older generation cameras that are all working great.  I purchased 2 cameras recently to augment the other cameras.  When I attempted to install the new cameras, they did not show up in the IP camera tool.  I was able to get a local address on my router and accessed the camera in that way.  Apparently, it brought up new software which no one at X10 seems to have any information on.  Tech Support kept referring me back to the old software which is totally different from this new software.  I am not computer savvy enough to no how to set up the new camera with this software.  I used the Android app to try to at least have the camera send emails when motion was detected.  I inputted the same information from my other cameras, but the new software email test failed each time.  Any suggestions?

I gave my xx52 away and went with the PTZ models.
However I always used the cameras onboard software and accessed through my browser.
Since you know your cameras IPs open your browser and type the IP address into the  address bar.
Depending on your browser you may need to use the server push connection option.

I did create a simple PC program for viewing the cameras so my wife could easily access them but it is only good for viewing and very out of date. (hope to update it this fall with codes for the HD cameras)
The software is free on my forum in the members only section.

Also Alex10 has a simple IP camera viewer but only does 1 camera. It will view all current x10 cameras and some older ones

I did type the IP address into the address bar.  That's when it launched the new software (firmware?) which I am not familiar with.  Is there a way for me to access the old software used on the other cameras?

No the old firmware isn't compatible with the new cameras.
Is the software on the camera simular to what I posted here:
http://forums.x10.com/index.php?topic=28797.0 ?
Does the email reporting still work from the old cameras?
Some email servers have changed their incoming ports.

The firmware link you posted with the Network Camera Airsight logo is what I have for my old cameras.  The email still works on all of the old cameras.  The new camera has different firmware.  I tried using the same port as the old firmware and also tried the new ports.  Nothing worked. 

The new firmware also has the Airsight logo and says Network Camera, but it is gray in color and has different functions (see attached PDF).


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