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Lost software


Jim Coffey:
I have XX42A and 36A and have lost the install disk.
When I moved the the box of software that had all my program setup disks in disappeared.
I have down loaded some software such as IPCamSetUp.exe
ans SearchIPCam.exe but nothing works.  I have the XX42A connect to the router.
Where can I find and install disk our download what is needed.

E-mailed X-10 but no help.

Jim Coffey

What specific software are you looking for?
The viewing software that allows viewing of multi cameras? (required logging in to open and close)
the software to locate the IP camera?

If you know the IP of the camera you can just open your browser to that IP EG:
if you enabled port forwarding in your router and or changed the port then you'd need to add ":(port#)" to the end of the url.

Have you looked on the X10 knowledge base?


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