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X 10 Ip, out door camera control issues

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Anyone familiar with X10, outdoor pan, tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera manual software control freezing, rapid uncontrolled camera movement occasionally?

Which camera and which software?
It is possible there is a firmware update.

X10 Airsight xx40 with the IP camera tool firmware version

I don't believe had one of those but they are simular to the old Easyn mpeg outdoor cameras.
The EasyN camera PC software I believe is compatible with it.
I also was able to flash a Foscam firmware to a old EasyN out door camera that had failed and got it back up and running
I'll try to see if there is or was a firmware update for the XX40A.

Brian H:
There are some software links in the X10 Wiki. For the XX40.



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