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Author Topic: CM11, Heyu, scripts, macro and trigger delay  (Read 551 times)


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CM11, Heyu, scripts, macro and trigger delay
« on: July 27, 2018, 06:09:29 AM »

Trying to set up an 'off-delay-on' macro to send to a CM11 via programming with the heyu x10.sched file

Seems that in a macro in the format is:
MACRO | macro_name | delay | Function HU; Function HU; Function HU...etc

cant see a way to put a DELAY between the Function HU entries,  If I type a delay it fails with an error

How do I achieve a macro that has

Function HU; Delay Function HU;

at the moment I have 'got around it by filling the entry with false function HU entries.

Like below, I have used 'fake device'  on d6; off d6 string.  but surely there is a neater way.

Need about a 20-30 second delay between E1 off and E1 on...see the macro named cycle below

Not worked out how to trigger a script yet either ..any clues?
Edit:  think I found out, need heyu engine and connecting to the Pi to run the scripts

Code: [Select]
#Timer every day runs macro 'router_off' and one minute later 'router_on' macro

timer  smtwtfs    01/01-12/12 11:44 11:45   router_off  router_on

#Timer every day runs the SCENE 'cycle' as specified in x10conf

timer  smtwtfs    01/01-12/12 19:49 19:50 cycle nul


# The string of commands on d6;off d6 is merely to create a delay

macro cycle 0 off e1;off b2;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on d6;off d6;on b1;on e1

macro  router_on  0  on e1

macro  router_off 0 off e1

# Hitting a3 on/off on a remote to activate macros router_on and router_off

trigger a3 off  router_off

trigger a3 on  router_on

# Hitting a4 on on a remote should macro cycle
trigger a4 on cycle

Code: [Select]
TTY /dev/ttyUSB0



# Change to LOG_DIR  NONE to stop logging as it will grow too big

#Lookup 'unix command 'logrotate' to auto trim the log file

LOG_DIR /etc/heyu/



LONGITUDE         W002:05     
LATITUDE          N49:10     


# This scene turns off b1 and b2 20 second delay then back on again

SCENE  cycle off b1; off b2; pause 20; on b1; on b2

SCRIPT c3 on anysrc ::heyu off b1
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