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X10 PZZ01 whole-home signal blocker/coupler CHEAP

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For anyone wishing to attenuate X10 signals coming from neighbors' houses or noise that might interfere with X10 (or just in need of a passive phase coupler), the X10 PZZ01 is on sale now for $30.  I got a better deal on mine years ago, but I've seen them sell for much higher.

But wait!  You can also get the Leviton version for $6!  It's the same thing but with the Leviton branding.  It appears Home Controls is liquidating them.  Or maybe they're just clearing them.  Either way, they're really cheap right now.  US shipping is $6.99, but it appears you can get multiple units with that shipping rate.

HA Dave:
Looks like the rest of their X10 items are still at a regular price.

Yeah, I checked that too, but alas.

 Appreciate the heads up on the deal.

 When I was building a new home in 2001 I had the electrician put one in when he installed the main service by the meter. Didn't do much. I never had a reliable X10 installation till putting in an XTB-IIR - money better spent!

I installed the Leviton version when I rewired our main panel.  I'm not sure it does much because I saw the modulated 120KHz from the neighbor's baby monitor on our powerline while developing the XTB-IIR.  And it did not seem to be as effective coupling X10 signals across the phases as the X10 XPCP passive coupler.

Be aware that installing the PZZ01 or Leviton 6284 requires cutting power to the panel because the neutral feed must be slipped directly through the filter.  If you don't have a main disconnect external to the distribution panel, the electric meter will probably have to be pulled for its installation.



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