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Author Topic: Smartthings (Samsung Connect,) Samrtthings Classic and X10 Wi-Fi Hub  (Read 599 times)


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I'm not a programmer and I tryed to learn programming, but I learned I'm more of a designer. So with that said, I know that it was said that the source code may get release to the public some day, but for now we can hope for someone to reverse engineer the code. Meaning, has anyone reverse engineered the code that the X10 Wi-Fi Hub uses to talk to the app? Because l think that it would be cool to have the hub work with Smartthings (Samsung Connect) and Samrtthings Classic Apps to start with so that X10 devices can be integrated into a modern home automation (smarthome) system.


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Re: Smartthings (Samsung Connect,) Samrtthings Classic and X10 Wi-Fi Hub
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2018, 04:23:09 PM »

I have SmartThings capable of controlling my X10 devices now but not with the WM100.
I used the CM15a and a small server on a PC,  -:) however since I've now been playing with a Pi to talk to the CM15a I may have to look into doing something for the Pi.
It takes a bit of puttering to get setup with device handlers and such but it is possible.
I've not heard of anyone hacking the WM100 yet, though I had started to look into it.
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