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Author Topic: Lights on "A1" come on daily at 3P , on raspberry pi running Heyu with CM11a  (Read 476 times)


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Just got raspberry pi 3b, running Raspbian and installed heyu 2.1.  Also i am using TRIGGERcmd to allow using x10 light modules to be operated by voice commands with a google home smart speaker.  Took a while to get working as I know nothing about linux etc.  I am using a CM11a and again it works fine.

But every day at 3 PM lights on A1 come on, and then go off at 4 PM by themselves.  I have created no macros for the CM11a and would not know how to do so anyway. There are no batteries in the CM11a.  I did unplug the CM11a for several minutes to supposedly purge anything in it.  From what little I can research, there are apparently all kinds of config files associated with Heyu. I have looked at them but do not understand their content.

So what is going on? Is there a file somewhere doing this, if so how do I stop it and where is it? Is Heyu doing this, Is the CM11a doing this on its own.  I am at a loss to explain, but want to stop this.

If I do finally get it resolved, I would like to use the timer capabilities of the CM11a and Heyu but have no idea how to do so.

Thanks in advance and am sorry for my ignorance on what I am trying to do here.



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I don't know anything about Heyu but the CM11 may have something stored and unplugging it won't clear it. You'd have to go into it with AHP and clear the memory.  Of course, the easiest way to solve the problem is to just not use A1 for any of your devices. Personally, I never use House Code A.  If you want to keep everything on one house code you have 15 others to choose from (but avoid M).


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There’s sample scripts provided with Heyu so you may have them enabled. Take a look in the heyu folder to see if they are active and as suggested wipe the CM 11 clean in AHP. Always best to avoid the A housecode.
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