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Author Topic: Apple now considered "mature".  (Read 253 times)

HA Dave

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Apple now considered "mature".
« on: January 30, 2019, 10:58:34 AM »

Recent news headlines almost make it sound like Apple is near a financial collapse. It is NOT.

With 250 Billion in cash (along with other assets).. I think we can still plan on stopping in at the Apple store on the next trip to the mall. 

The problem.... if it really is a problem. is Apple computers, iphones, TV (streaming devices) and such are now considered "mature" technologies. Imagine that! I still remember seeing the [Apple] 1984 super bowl commercial (and thinking .. what?). Now investment experts place Apple technologies in the same group as makers of bicycles, coffee machines, and sewing needles by calling Apple tech "mature". A mature technology that only two years ago added the "Home App" to the [then newest] OS update.

Our once high tech hobby (I prefer the word lifestyle over hobby). is now a mature technology? Apparently the experts seem to look at where the tech is today.... and yawn. I wonder..... what comes NEXT?
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