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Lowe's Pulls the Plug On Iris Smart Home Platform.

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Brian H:
Looks like another Home Automation System bites the dust. Including any support at all.

I got an email from them yesterday.  They're sending a $100 Visa card after i applied online.

News like this just reinforces my decision not to jump the X10 ship.

That is always the risk when you have to rely on something outside your home that you don't own yourself.


HA Dave:
Is anyone really surprised?

We've discussed that here before. Many.... maybe even MOST of the current brands will fail during this new golden age of Home Automation. But as the [linked] story pointed out:

In theory, customers could find another hub to talk to their sensors. The Iris by Lowe's site offers Samsung's SmartThings as a comparable replacement that should work with a few Iris sensors.

Samsung.... seems to be trying to be the "one" (and I have read of a Samsung Hub App that allows the use of a CM19A). I think overall.... seeing the paring-down of the many, many, WiFi offerings..... isn't at all a bad thing for us Home Automation users who don't mind a bit of mix-and-match. Why shouldn't we be free to buy the best and or least expensive brand of motion sensor from one maker.... and the best door sensor from another manufacture. And buy [smart] light bulbs locality, while buying big brand name light switches (for other applications) on-line. I think.... IMHO... it's all going to work out fine.   

--- Quote from: Tuicemen on February 02, 2019, 08:48:24 AM ---News like this just reinforces my decision not to jump the X10 ship.
--- End quote ---

If not even a single soul "jumps ship".... from X10.... we will likely see their doors close once again. Every store (even on-line stores) need to expand their customer base and sell new products. No sales... no profits. A reason to keep using X10 won't be enough. X10 needs new products, and ways to exploit new [automation] technologies. Free markets always produce winners and losers.... or maybe better put... winning in a free market requires successful efforts. Iris failed because of it's limited sale's space (Lowes) would be my guess.


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