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Author Topic: Latest version HG not seeing security signals?  (Read 1253 times)


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Re: Latest version HG not seeing security signals?
« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2019, 02:15:44 PM »

Surely you could define the widget as a switch. The basic on/off principle that will show your switch widget on when it's on/triggered (door open) and off when it's closed/reset (door closed). You can scan the security sensor code and use it on a toggle on/off basis. You'll then easily see from the GUI exactly what it's status is.

Is the X10 security panel running through a 3rd party like the RM Broadlink or is it interfaced directly with HG. I do know those security sensors never really worked properly directly with HG. I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult getting those sensors working with HG using the RM Broadlink.

HG does not read all bytes of x10 security code and let us then trigger based on it, so no, one cannot capture the security code and use it in a program, timer, macro, etc.  So no, one cannot configure a DS10 security device as a switch.

No, the x10 security system is totally standalone - since as you said HG does not totally handle x10 security devices 100%.  Again, we have requested that HG be opened up to read and send ALL security bits instead of only 80% of them, but that has not happened.  When it does, HG can then take over the function of my x10 security alarm.

The only connection between my real x10 security system and HG is via RM Broadlink:  HG commands RM to transmit the ARM and DISARM unique security code command to my x10 security system, which runs independently.  I only used the DS10's in HG to easily see which door is NOT closed ARM time or on demand from my computer or phone.  And to email me and text my phone when a door did open during alarm state.



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Re: Latest version HG not seeing security signals?
« Reply #16 on: September 06, 2019, 04:05:57 PM »

I strongly doubt there will be much further development in HG on the X10 side of things and even less on the extended security codes. Very little demand for it. In fact if the previous hiatus in HG development is anything to go by you may be waiting a long time for any further HG development of any sort.

In the meantime if you can capture those security codes with your Broadlink you should be able to instruct the Broadlink to forward any activity it receives from your security sensors back to HG. You could also explore using MQTT between your Broadlink and HG to achieve the result you desire. Both work well together.

HG 13 v5 is working fine on both Stretch and Buster and is about as stable as it will ever be.
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