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Author Topic: Where to investigate new case of HG not opening in browsers?  (Read 2634 times)


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Re: Where to investigate new case of HG not opening in browsers?
« Reply #30 on: June 26, 2019, 06:50:35 PM »

1) Great to hear that you are well versed with Linux ownerships and permissions.
2) I really am puzzled why you are having so much difficulty with HG though.
3) Clearly from what you now say you do realise that copying a downloaded file from Windows to Linux using SCP comes with its own warning
4) simple curl or wget commands might make more sense but you seem to be on top of things so good luck with that Groups problem you are having.

Thank you for your useful? comments.  I will address each one individually simply because I am too old to play PC nonsense...

1) Sarcasm did not help anything.
2) Huh?  I had an issue many months ago setting up email and it was well documented that once initial parameters were entered no updates/changes to these were implemented.  Then last week my dashboard group stopped showing up, further causing all other groups to also not show up.  Again I could document that changes to groups.xml were NOT implemented until something else triggered a reread;  then my changes went into effect and the problem went away.  Not sure how these facts would cause you to be so puzzled.
3) Who ever said they copied files from windows to linux?  I go the other way for quicker easier diagnosis sometimes.
4) Groups problem I am having?  I explained quite some posts back that it was solved.

I do remember a while back spending many hours and posts helping you get set up on the Raspberry Pi with wpa_supplicant.conf. All documented here but what the hell. Like yourself I'm getting too old for all this patience stuff too.

I asked you in an earlier post to outline your setup but you chose not to. Thats why I wished you good luck but if you interpreted this in any other way that's your prerogative. Sarcasm is something I do not engage in. As you do know it's the lowest form of wit.

Not too many dishing out free advice these days but my last piece of free advice to you is to be a little bit more introspective before you jump to conclusions and a little thanks to people who give you free advice would go a long way. There's not too many people on this forum who actually work in the Linux world.
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