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Author Topic: X-10 Products For Sale  (Read 240 times)


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X-10 Products For Sale
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:58:16 PM »

Moving sale...
X10 Home Automation Products For Sale
New in boxes, never used:
Two Slimline RF Wall switched Model #SS13A
Four Remote Chime Model #SC54A
One Active eye motion sensor (outdoor) Model #MS16A

New never used:
Activehome Pro 2-way computer interface Model #CM15A
Two RF Transceivers Model #TM751

1 Powerhouse Transceiver module Model #RR501
1 Lamp module Model #LM465
1 2-way computer interface Model #CM11A with computer cable and software
1 Powerhouse 6 in 1 remote control Model #UR19A
1 Key chain remote control Model #KC674

Worth over $415 new at Amazon
Sell the whole lot for $25 plus shipping costs

Contact Paul

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