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Author Topic: Device status does not reflect the correct device disposition  (Read 273 times)


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I am having connection problem.  I got a new Netgear Orbi mesh router.  I can see the device on the connected device list as ESP-2D4A1A and is connected as 2.4G device  What I have noticed is that if I run the X10 app and look under the Device tab the status does not reflect the correct device disposition; i.e., if says off when it is actually on. 

I have also discovered that if I go to setup and do a Sync data from hub the status is updated to the correct value in the device tab list most of the time.  It does, however, sometimes not allow to me to sync the data.  So I can get it to work most of the time, but I have to do it manually.  I tried the WIFI setup wizard, but it fails to connect, it gives a warning message "5G WIFI network connected.  Please use 2.4G network for WM100 connection".  Giving it an OK only put you back to the Setup main menu.  If I look at the device list on the router, it indicates that it is indeed connected to the 2.4G network.  In spite of this it I can manually turn devices on and off most of the time when it allows me to sync data from WiFi hub.
Any ideas want might be going on?


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