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Author Topic: Wrong devices responding to AHP3.186  (Read 3057 times)


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Wrong devices responding to AHP3.186
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:55:36 PM »

I have two Lamp Modules in our living - one
is E14 and the other is e15.  With the new
update, I've noticed that if I RF control
E14 on and then E15 on right afterwards,
e15 will not turn on.  I've tried different
orders and noticed the same behavior with
the off command.  There are even times when
I send an on or off for e14 and it triggers
e15. Both of these modules are on differt
circuts and phases as well which is why I
have a Leviton 6201 X10 System Bridge
Coupler Repeater installed so the signal
isn't the problem.  What I have noticed in
the activity monitor is I will see a
Receive E Off (e15) right afer the the
Receive RF E15 OFF when the problem
occurs.  Could it be that the the CM15a is
picking up on the repeated signal and
becoming confused?  This didn't seem to
happen prior to upgrading to the new
version and doesn't hapen all the time
unless you push two command quickly.  I can
also get the same results using the AHP
interface as well so I don't think it is
solely an RF problem but more of a timing
problem that I may be running into.  Any
ideas or steps I should try to isolate this
down even more?

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Re: Wrong devices responding to AHP3.186
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2005, 06:17:42 PM »

WILLGLOY: The "Receive RF E15 OFF" followed
by the "Receive E Off" is normally. You
probably also have a "Receive E15" in there
before the E Off. That's the interface
telling AHP that it sent the powerline
command in response to your remote control
press. A PLC command is in two parts: the
address + the command. An RF command is just
a single command to do the same thing.

Does the problem only happen with these two
modules? What remote control model are you
using? If you flip just one of the modules on
and off from the screen does it work
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