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Author Topic: Contact Info?  (Read 5832 times)


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Contact Info?
« on: April 30, 2005, 05:57:45 AM »

Hey all,

I think we all agree the x10 forums are ....
sub par ... as far as formatting goes etc...

I personally am still awaiting my first cm15
unit and am eager to get started with AHP.
Or at least I was before I read all the
horrible experiences people are having.

Anyone interested in posting their Cyberia
contact info?

I use msn and you can reach me at (thats both my
passport for messenger and hotmail)

Tony: If you're reading this I'd really like
to talk to you privately, you really seem to
know what you're doing and seem to post
quite frequently.

I think it would be good for all if we
posted some other means of communication.
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