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Author Topic: Refund after 7 Months  (Read 5988 times)


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Refund after 7 Months
« on: May 21, 2005, 12:26:40 PM »

Well after 7 months of frustration, and a
third unit that would not be recognized by
my PC right out of the box, I courteously,
but firmly demanded a full refund,
including return shipping.  Without a
fight, they provided both, and full
purchase price now has been credited back
to my credit card.  So, if your unit does
not work correctly, and you are tired of
playing games, you can still get a refund.
In theory, the CM15A was a GREAT idea, but
in practice... If in another 6-12 months, I
am convinced problems are fixed, I'll try

It does appear that some users have units
that work well, even with complex
configurations.  Whether it is 10% of
users, or 90%, I cannot say.  Only guess I
can make why some units work and others
don't would be poor quality control in the
manufacturing process, but X10 has provided
essentially no feedback as to the condition
of the defective / returned units.  I guess
another possibility would be some type of
software (or hardware?) conflicts with a
users PC, but not sure why that would
matter when the unit is runing disconnected
from the PC.  Good luck everyone.  I've
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