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Author Topic: Please Help!!  (Read 1947 times)


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Please Help!!
« on: June 08, 2005, 07:46:58 PM »

Dear friends

I have a LG plasma TV 42". And i want to
control it, with a appliance module and x10
active home system to turn on and off
However when i turn off the tv goes to
standby mode and when i try to turn on
again remotely i can't.
I've read the manual of plasma tv and there
is not way to desactive this feature.
Somebody has any suggestion or know a way
to resolve this issue?

thank you in advance

X10 Pro

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Re: Please Help!!
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2005, 08:21:23 PM »

Unless you can make the TV turn all the way
on when it receives power, I don't think
you'll be able to do this with an appliance

You might be able to use a VCR Commander
(UX21A) to control the TV, though. You could
program the TV's Power command into the
Record and Stop buttons of the VCR Commander,
and use an RF command in AHP to control it.

The main problem I see with the VCR Commander
solution is that you'll just be toggling
power -- you won't be able to tell if it's on
or off.
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