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Author Topic: CM11a Timer and Macro Programming problems  (Read 11595 times)

mike bulava

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CM11a Timer and Macro Programming problems
« on: August 10, 2005, 02:03:45 PM »

I've been working on my own app to use with
my CM11a application because the ActiveHome
software doesn't work very well with XP, the
Communications module tends to just close
itself out.  Any ways I've gotten all the
basics taken care of I can turn on and off
devices in my app and I'm recieving the
messages from the CM11a.  I've been using the
Protocol.txt file that you can fine by
googling CM11a Protocol for refferance.  In
any case, I can get any Macros or timers to
download to the Cm11a device.  When I send
the macro download command, and then the
macro, I am recieving the correct checksum,
and after repling to the checksum I recieve
the device ready response, however the macro
doesn't ever fire.

As far as timers go, I can't even get the
checksum to come back correctly when I
download a timer to the device.

So my questions
1) does anyone know why this is happening?
2) Can anyone explain timers better the
protocol file does, it's hard to follow what
the example is trying to do in that file.
3) How can I figure out the Device Bitmap
used in EEPORM download.
4) Should I just be using the EEPROM download
to send all Timers and Macros?

If anyone even just has a few logs of the
data sent back an forth between the CM11a and
PC while downloading working macros and/or
timers (EEPROM) that would be great, as
seeing how it's suppose to work usually helps
me figure out the problem.


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Re: CM11a Timer and Macro Programming problems
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2007, 05:47:01 AM »

Hi, I'm a student and I'm doing my final degree proyect about X-10 and UPnP. and my major problem is macro. I have to program the design of a macro and the downloading the bytes to the eeprom. the problems are the protocol doesn't explain very much about how to program the macro.

There's only an example and i don't understand the concepts of device bitmap and macro initiators pointers.

Can anybody help me??  ??? I would be very thankful  ::)
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