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Author Topic: Windows Programming 101 - FAILED!!!  (Read 1762 times)

jim mcmahon

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Windows Programming 101 - FAILED!!!
« on: November 09, 2005, 03:01:24 AM »

When releasing an application, one sure
fire way to PANIC users is to have many
VERY STANDARD, plain old everyday Windows
mouse, KB, etc. respond in an unexpected

For example...
1) Dbl Click on module bar = use to set
brightness level (instead of open for
editing or).
2) Select Edit Module and from the menu
displayed, try to change the Unit Number,
House Code, Room, Type of Module.  It CAN
be done, but in NO way ANY of the standard
(expected) methods). Mouse wheel does
nothing. You cannot scroll down the unit
codes - instead you have to open the drop
down wide open, click near where you hope
to end up and "hope".
The interface is so incredibly
thoughtlessly designed it is as if the
programmers wanted to take us back to Win

X10 has completely pulled one over on all
of us with ActiveHomePro.  And I must admit
they have a GREAT advertising writer,
because for years now I have fallen for
these special "deals" where you can use the
rebate coupon with your next purchase -
when some never seems to work out to be of
any good at all.

I feel betrayed, ripped off, cheated, and
plan on pursuing the class action thing in
addition to Aty General Fraud and Better
Businesss Bureau reports.

Question: Would "we" benifit in any way if
I were to make a forum available on my web
server to you users? Should we just use all
their bandwidth?  I could block them from
the server.  hehehe

Former AHP User

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Re: Windows Programming 101 - FAILED!!!
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2005, 07:22:10 AM »

There is already an excellent alternative
forum for all home automation -

It is a very well structured forum with lots
of people that know what they are talking
about.  Everybody gets along, there is
no "Flaming!"

Lately, most of the new posts have been
geared toward Insteon, but there are still
daily posts for AHP and SmartMacros.


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Re: Windows Programming 101 - FAILED!!!
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2005, 10:18:04 AM »

Good Morning Jim,
Since there is a nice "alternative" forum
that embraces AHP and other products, I
personally do not see a need for an
additional forum.  This forum serves the AHP
community well and we are allowed to say
anything on our mind.  I have found there are
loads of very nice folks here that share
experiences and set-up methods with the AHP
user.  Their insight have helped lots of us
and have prodded X10 into making software
changes that we all benefit from.  I  agree
with some of your comments concerning the AHP
software but wonder if it would have been
better to place them in the "Software Problem
Report" area of this forum.  Are you still an
AHP user ?  You didn't return the goods for a
refund when you realized it was not up to par
?  I thought about returning my equipment at
one time but after the CM15A was swapped out
and some of the software glitches were fixed,
I decided to expand the system with X10
cameras and just have fun with my minimal
investment.  All is well and I am happy BUT
we will all keep our eyes open and
continually evaluate what we are really
getting for our money.
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