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Author Topic: AHP problems big time  (Read 3631 times)


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AHP problems big time
« on: January 12, 2006, 01:07:42 PM »

My AHP works with some modules (both lamp
and appliances). It will turn some modules
ON at the correct time. Others,  if I turn
the appliance or lamp module manually, AHP
will  turn SOME of them OFF. It was
suggested to me that I use only the Radio
Shack x-10 modules (which I do).
Someinformation about the wiring of the
house and plugging things for a 2 phase
operation, getting a noise filter, moving
the module to another place to see if it
works, etc, etc,  NOTHING seems to work as
it is supposed to.  Yes, I have the latest
version 3.199, the transceiver has been
unplugged and moved to a different
electrical outlet. Anyone have ANy ideas to
get this puppy to situp and roll over?
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