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iWitness Release


It sure would be nice to work with iWitness
over the weekend, if it's released in time.
It's been fun testing the core program but
I'm anxious to see the finished image viewer.
Thanks for the opportunity.

I Agree with Win S . It has been fun testing
the beta version of the software and I look
forward to receiving the newly released
version.  Thank you X10.

Looking forward to using macros to record
without looping. I am sure the final product
doesn't have that issue.
Great plug-in! Hopefully everyone will enjoy
it as much as I have been.

I agree with WinS "It would be nice to play
with this over the weekend" have lots setup
and ready to try it with the released

X10 Pro:
We'll have something for you guys before the
end of the day.


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