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Will not work on 98


Actually AHP won't even start now (well it
starts minimized)
AHP loads minimized when I try to maximize
it I get the standard all to familiar "AHP
Activehm error" this prgram has performed an
illegal error and will be shut down. Good
thing I have this running on XP as well.(no
problems on XP YET!)

Finaly got this working here's the fix if
you were a beta tester. If you were not
you'll have to wait till the next update I
guess. Install the beta over the released
version AHP still starts minimized on the
system tray but you can maximize it when it
does the program window sizing will be all
out a wack restart AHP and everything will
look normal. Hope this helps someone!

X10 Pro:
We'll take a look at this today.


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