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Pan'Tilt remote question


I am just wondering if anyone else has
experienced the following.
At times I use a PaníN Tilt remote (CR14A)
to select cameras. Normally just a simple
press of one of the buttons takes me to the
desired camera. I am having a problem now
where I have to hold the desired button
down for several seconds or press it
repeatedly for the selected camera to
switch. This is happening on all of the
cameras. I had this happen once before but
after several weeks it started to work
properly again. The cameras switch fine
from within the AHP software.

The batteries in the unit are good and it
is not a range problem as I am only several
feet from the interface and my other remote
(HR12) is working fine.

Forget the previous post. I did a hard
reset on the CM15A  (unplugged it and
removed the batteries) and now everything
is back to normal.


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