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Author Topic: ActiveHome Pro update v3.171 available  (Read 8308 times)

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ActiveHome Pro update v3.171 available
« on: December 02, 2004, 09:57:32 PM »

One big new feature today: RF commands!
Instead of having to create new modules to
send RF, you can drag an RF command to a
macro (from "RF Commands" in the Macro
Designer room list) and set the House and
Unit code you want to use. We've made a few
other bug fixes that should help things, too:

- Added ability to use RF commands in
macros, available under "RF Commands" in the
Macro Designer room list.

- Fixed a crash caused by dragging and
dropping the last macro in a room to the
space to its right.

- Fixed a crash occurring when clicking on
All Lights On or All Units Off in the Tools
menu with the Macro Designer open.

- Fixed a crash dragging macro steps to the

- Fixed a problem encoding the logic of some
"Between" time and date macro conditions.

- Fixed a bug that caused some events run
from interface memory not to be shown in
Activity Monitor.

- Fixed a bug that that caused some events
run from the interface to be displayed
incorrectly in Activity Monitor.

- Fixed a bug clearing Activity Monitor.

- Typing a date into a date range condition
now saves without having to hit enter before

- Added the preference to not show a warning
when exiting without downloading changes.

- Added a keyboard shortcut to open all
rooms view: CTRL + A.

- Added display of RF commands to Activity

- Added filter to select what types of
activity to display in Activity Monitor (from
the View menu).

- Title bar now has different display states
when in and out of focus.

You can download the update directly from:
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