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Author Topic: Thoughts on making a "Real" X10 Security System  (Read 2533 times)


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Thoughts on making a "Real" X10 Security System
« on: September 15, 2005, 04:06:27 PM »

I recently bought a DS561 with motion
sensors, window sensors, remote siren,
etc.  Everything works fine so far and
seems like a good system for the price.
Couple of suggestions/questions that I have
and wondered if everyone had the
same/similiar questions (and possible a
work-a-round) to make this a "Real"
Security System:

1) Need to have some method to confirm that
the system is Alarmed.  For instance, I do
not want to carry around the the large
SH624 in order to be able to have a delayed
exit.  But the small keyfob does not have
that ability (delayed exit).  Since my
DS561 is in a closet, I cannot hear whether
the Alarm is armed or not.  How about a
wall-mounted, time-delayed keypad (with an
armed light) arming console that needs a
number sequence to disarm.  Looked to try
to disable the "dis-arming" function on the
SH624 so I could mount that on the wall,
but didn't see an easy way without ruining
the remote -- Need pretty much a mini-DS561
without the dialer, with the zone lights,
with the armed light, without the siren,
and a numeric keypad to disarm the system.

2) Turn off the siren on the DS561 without
having to "cut the wires to the speaker"
per X10 tech support.  To mount the DS561
somewhere central to all the sensors means
that with the siren blasting, this makes it
too easy for an intruder to find the system
and smash it.
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