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Author Topic: Updated - 03/13 My House Front Floodlight / Living Room Light Smart Macro  (Read 8586 times)

Chris S.

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I have since updated this Smart Macro to a B14 Trigger as a result of the PR511 operates
differently than other modules;

Reference Post:

Thought I would share my Smart Macro for my Living Room Lights.
Seen earlier posts requesting screen shots and such.

Env Overview:
AHP 3.201
CM115A (AHP USB Interface)

Floodlight (PR511) – B13 , Active from Dusk to Dawn
Living Room Light (WS12A) – A3

Since the Floodlight is set to B13, I have set the #1 switch on the Floodlight in the "in" position (ON)
and switches 2-4 "out" (OFF)
The only ON signal received after motion is detected from B13, will be B14 (Floodlight switch 1 "in" position)

Living Room Lights off Every night at 12:00am.

When person or car comes up driveway from Dusk to Dawn;
   Floodlight turns on
   IF time between Dusk and 11:00pm AND Living room lights are currently ON THEN
         Dim Living Room Lights by 50%
         Turn Living Room Lights on to 100%

   ELSE IF time between Dusk and 11:57pm AND Living room lights are currently OFF THEN
      Turn Living Room Lights on to 100%

   ELSE IF time between 12:03am and Dawn AND Living room lights are currently OFF    THEN
      Turn Living Room Lights on to 100%
      Wait 5 min, turn Living Room Lights off

Living Room Lights OFF every night at 12:00am

LV Lights ON (Trigger A3 ON)
   Set FLAG 3 ON

LV Lights OFF  (Trigger A3 OFF)
   Set FLAG 3 OFF

Smart Macros:

FL LV Lights ON  (Trigger B14 ON)

FL IF LV Lights Are OFF  (Trigger B14 ON)

FL LV Lights ON After Mid  (Trigger B14 ON)

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2 questions -

You mention a PR115 in the top line as working dfferent than other modules.   What is a PR-115?

What are you using to detect cars/people?   I bought MS16a for this purpost but they do now detect a car going by slowly 6 feet away.  I mounted them at eye level, 5 1/2 ft above the ground on the garage where cars drive by.  Does the car have to be a certain color or cold or warm or windows down to see the driver or ??   I'm afraid to mount it lower as there are many cats which use my driveway and I don't what false alarms in the middle of the night.  But now they only detect humans perhaps 4 ft away.  But since the macros don't work they won't turn lights on anyway.   We have to listen for the clicking of the rf module as I put the sensors on A1 and the rf module on A will sense activity.   I could see activity were I watching this program but macros never turn anything on.  Question was can you sense cars?

Chris S.

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The PR511 (I corrected typo above) is the Motion Activated FloodLight.

I set this flood light to turn on at night when activity is sensed from approx 35 - 40 feet away.
When I initially set up the Floodlight, the sensor can be adjusted either left/right or up/down
for coverage of a particular area.

The street is approx 60feet away, and the floodlight would turn on everytime a
car passed. I had to adjust the sensor downward to eliviate the light coming on
unless motion was sensed closer to my house.
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