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Lights flashing on and off with motion sensor

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I have motion sensor set up in my master bath on a
macro that is supposed to turn the light on and dim
between 11pm and 5:30am.

I have the motion sensor on A2 and the light switch on
A4.  When I use a remote to turn the light on or just use the switch (not during
the the time when the macro is supposed to run), the light starts
blinking on and off every couple of seconds.  I noticed that every time
the light cycles on and off, the motion sensor flashes. 
I saw someone on a different thread had a similar problem and it
was suggested that the TM751 was to blame. As I said before, the
light is directly related to the motion sensor getting stuck in some weird loop.

Has this been happening to anyone else?  Any suggestions?

I have no real clue based on info given for your setup....  but one thing to check maybe, is the setup of the motion sensor in analog mode or delay mode? delay turned right down (MS16).

Try a simpler macro and see if the same problem occures? or if distance is a problem?
Try the motion sensor closer to the CM15a (do you have this?) remove repeaters?

probably totally off on this, but try.
someone might jump in with another solution.

Chris S.:
Are you using the TM751 to control HC A ?
IN AHP, under "Tools / Hardware Configuration"
what is the "Transceived House Codes" set to ?
Specific or


Is it possible that the sensor is on A3 and not A2 or the light is on A3 not A4? If this was the case then it would act as you described. The sensor channel + 1 is used as a day/night detector. When the light is turned on, the sensor would think it's daylight and then turn it off. When it turned of the sensor would think it's nighttime and turn it back on, etc...

Just a thought.

Not sure how old the batteries are in the motion sensor but if they're older then 10 months change them. I've had sensors do all kinds of wierd stuff (jump to other numbers same house code/different housecode and back) if this is the case the mosion sensor may have canged its code to 4 which I have posted about
I suspect that this is the case with yours but havn't had this occure to me on house code A in any case try a new set of batteries. ;)


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