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VA11A does not work

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I have tried and tried and tried, to get this peice of crap to work, installed AHP, un-instaledl AHP many many times and I can't get the thing to see my camera. I have other programs that will not see the camera with the VA11A also. I had the older VA10A that worked fine but would  not work with my AHP software, so Tech support told me I needed the VA11A, so I shelled out nearly 70 bucks to get the darn thing. My computer notices the drivers and installs it but shows no video. I have tried the solutions suggested in the help section yet it will still not show video. I have all the prerequisites in computer minimum requirements, P4, XP pro, with ver.2, 1gig ram. Has anyone had similar problems? What can be done to make installation simple and not some frustrating act short of smashing the crap to smithereens? >:(

There is a specific sequence of steps that seems to work for a lot of people (including me).
Here are the steps:
1) Install the VA11A driver
2) Plug in device
3) Restart windows, it will say Intel PC cam
4) With device still plugged in, re-install
the VA11A drivers it should now use the X-10

Here is a link to the post where I found them:

Couple of questions:  Does the VA11A show up under "imaging devices" in the device manager?  When you view a camera in iWitness, do you see a splash screen or an image filled with static?

To Wins: yes I see the driver under image device manager, I only see the splash sceen, and the little icon in the bottom portion of the screen says no video connected. I even tried hooking the VA11A direct to a video camera feed and no luck.
To Noam, I tried all of the suggestions you have listed, still it does not show any video.
I have other USB cature devices that I have hooked up on occasion and they work, even my old VA10A will work with Xray, but none of them work with Iwitness. The VA11A will not even work with Xray. I've tried to get this thing to work on three different computers and still no luck

Try this:
1: go to your windows control pannel then system
2:click on hardware then device manager
3:scroll down until you find the VA11A or intel pc cam.
4: right click on it and then click on update driver
5:at the update wizard click no not at this time then next.
6: next screen click instal from a list or specific location(advanced) click next.
7: next screen click don't  search.....click next then have disk
8:here type in C:Program Files\Common Files\X10\DriverInstall\VA11A Video Capture click next the VA11A will show up in the next window click next
9: next window says it hasn't passed..... with a warning...bal bal...click continue anyways
10:then click finish that should get you up and running ;)


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