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Helpful Hints and Suggestions(MyHouse Online)


As this is  an original idea from Mystyx I'll give him the credit for the idea!
I invite all Community Organizers to edit this thread and add any link they feel is or could be helpful!
If anyone else finds a helpful tip,tidbit or suggestion please PM me or another CO and we'll get it added.
I'll add a Helpful Hints and Suggestions thread to each AHP plug-in section that way we can keep them in there proper place! ;)
Check back often as This is a work in progress I hope other Community Organizers will help with this thread!

* Can't connect with dial up:   Linked by Tuicemen
* Remembering Logon Id for a remote PC(A  Good tip from Steven r so you don't need to remember the log on id): Linked By Tuicemen
* Getting it to work with Vista (A step by step from Wizenet ): Linked by Tuicemen

tom j:
Thanks Tuice! You da' man. Great Tips! I'm sure everyone appreciates your efforts.

Tom j.


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