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Author Topic: Cam types... and specs...  (Read 3517 times)


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Cam types... and specs...
« on: June 04, 2006, 12:50:50 PM »

I just received my 3-Cam Multi-Function Day/Night System with Dual Robotic Mounts with Remote Controllers, LIVE Video Monitoring and Deluxe PC/Internet Monitoring AND MORE! Massive Package Savings! XX17A-ED-2WENW-0207 at $299.99... :P

I found X10 site too heavy loaded with pop-ups and zillions offers turning around and when it's not enough, a voice add to confusion... it was so huge, I spent one hour just to verify if I had chosen right thing... ???

If someone knows where I can get rid of these... and have an access to simple lists, short and clear specs about what we are looking for, it will be useful!!! ::)

1-Anyway, I connected all the stuff and almost everything work's but I realized that we could have sound with video too... but is it all cams which could send audio??? should we only have to buy a receiver with audio to have that possibility? Or ve have to buy special cams with built-in mic? ???

Someone know? (it will save me 2 hours on that annoying X10 site search...) :o

2-The thing not working for me is the PC soft, I could control Ninja robot'sl but I cant see a picture. I know it's a conflict with my TV card... which are not working also after X10 installs their drivers... and X10 driver uninstall is not working too... failure to find a log file... but you know, it's normal life with  PC's... when it work's on first try, you have to ask you why... :-\

As I have an old security monitor, I connected directly on video out of X10 RF receiver and I have picture. I will live with that... :-\



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Re: Cam types... and specs...
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2006, 02:01:18 PM »

1. Yes the XX17A CAM does send audio. What receiver came with your package?  VR36A has video only no audio, you need a VR31A(MONO) or VR30A(STEREO).

2. If you have a VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter, check elsewhere on this forum for info on how to get the drivers loaded properly.

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