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Author Topic: set-up issues and questions -..i moved this from a general forum  (Read 3576 times)

scott rostron

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1.. With AHP, myhouse, webview or eyewitness maybe- and VCR Commander with extra cameras and modules for automation ability and surveillance over internet, where do I plug the A/V receiver for the cameras so I can record, control and watch any camera from computer and from other  TVs by remotes ? Receiver with Commander and a TV OR receiver on the pc video adapter?   AND then where does the VCR go ?

Seems that I need to put the receiver on the pc via the bUSB digital converter required by the software.  How to watch on TV and record on VCR this way? 

2. Does the transceiver on the computer  the tm19a I think- or the other ‘smaller 751’ transceiver  transmit video and audio or is all sending and receiving by the RF send/receive units e.g. home entertainment system?

.Also, does use of the pc tranceiver take the place of the smaller ‘751’, or are both used in a full automation and video application?

3. How do you keep reception on wireless cams if using pan-tilt—pro which rotates and the antennea rotates with it?

4. How do I use AHP over internet when my ISP uses DHCP not one constant address?

Thanks all for any help

P.S. I saw a post re new pre-made sites avalable...did I see it right?
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